Annual Holiday Sites At Lakes Beachfront

If you are considering purchasing a holiday home on the 90 Mile Beach in the Lakes Entrance area, why not explore the benefits of either purchasing an existing Annual Holiday Cabin or installing a cabin custom built to your specifications at Lakes Beachfront?

Think of the savings in time and money of low capital cost, no council rates, minimal maintenance and no stamp duty or land tax. No security worries as your holiday home is within the Retreat grounds. And you also get to play on the 90 Mile Beach and Lake Tyers, enjoy all Lakes Beachfront's facilities and explore the region without having to book ahead or load up the car. Call us for a copy of "What's Great about being an Annual at Lakes Beachfront Holiday Retreat?"

A limited number of existing annuals are regularly available for purchase with a range of sizes and locations.

Alternatively, we also have several vacant powered sites in great locations ready for you to instal your holiday home.

For further details please contact us or call us discuss the options.